NOTICE:  To the public, that the domain name for Stdwellers website is changed to the follows.

Website URL

New: https://cspcart.com (Old: http://www.stdwellers.com)


CSPcart ( Stdwellers ) is Microsoft Partner, Microsoft AEP - Authorized Education Partner & CSP Reseller, We specialize in hard to procure or discontinued business software.
We encourage you to compare prices, services, as well as products. All items we carry are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Talk to us or review our product list and see how we can provide a reliable software solution to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business!

CSPCART( by STDWELLERS ). We are US Based Software & Jewelry Company. Providing customers with quality merchandise at the lowest possible price. Offer's a huge collection of unique designs for Men & Women's Diamond Wedding Bands, Tungsten Rings, Titanium Bands, Anniversary Rings, Engagement Rings, Diamond Tennis Bracelets and Chain Pendants and more.

We are located in California, United States. Stdwellers offers a fine selection of merchandise on the Internet at www.csocart.com. We provide its customers with the convenience of shopping online. In addition, the ‘Product Knowledge’ page is an informative source CSPCART.com customers can use to learn more about the proper care and appreciation of jewelry, as well as become educated on their purchase.

We encourage you to compare prices, services, as well as products. All items we


MICROSOFT AEP - Authorized Education Partner  


Microsoft Partner


Awards & Nominations   
2016 US SMB Champions Club Southwest Rising Star of the Year by Microsoft's Small and Mid- Sized Business (SMB) Champions Club
The award recognizes those who have demonstrated significant Microsoft SMB sales and year-over-year SMB revenue growth with Southwestern Region Area SMB customers. Members of the US SMB Champions Club have shown dedication to arming the small business community with the right technology and services they need to be successful. 


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